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At Newlands Caravans® our in house designers work with the latest computer programs to create flawless designs. All our body shapes and layouts are streamlined to enhance performance and maximise interior space. Over the years, we have constantly updated our range to incorporate the latest in caravan design and development. Our designers are dedicated to making the caravans more efficient, enhancing your travelling experience.

The spacious interiors reflect your lifestyle needs and incorporate luxurious design features. We put just as much focus on appearance as functionality when it comes to your holidaying pleasure.

We also continue to invest in the latest technology to increase efficiency, quality and longevity. This means you can be confident that your caravan is purpose built for life.

As we custom make all our interior furniture, one of the latest investments was in CNC machinery to ensure a perfect fit and finish every time. This investment in design and technology is ongoing to ensure all our customers are among the first to enjoy recent innovations in caravans.




The Newlands Tourister is an exciting new range of vans which is the outcome of strong customer demand for an expansion of the Limited Edition introduced in the market in 2015.

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