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A culmination of over 35 years-experience in the industry, Essential Caravans are proud to introduce a style of new Caravans to the market - One that offers unheard of value for money, a standard of build quality that exceeds expectations and standard inclusions that would usually be expected in a van priced many thousands more.

Our background sets us apart from the rest; We offer customer-based manufacturing and after-sales service that only someone with an Essential caravans dealership background can truly appreciate and understand, we get better than anybody the wants and needs of the ever-evolving caravan market.

This knowledge coupled with our extensive team of managers, builders, planners and industry experts means each and every Essential Caravan for sale is meticulously designed and crafted to the highest standard in all facets.

Signature Cruiser Touring

All round class and practicality, Essential Caravans will stand the test of time. All Essential Caravans for sale in the touring range stand for everything that is quality, attention to detail and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Essential Caravans Cruiser is built with superb finishes, top of the range appliances. Alan Graham's Essential Caravans Cruiser will not disappoint even the most discerning of a buyer.

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Essential Caravan Touring

Essential Family Series Caravans

Without a doubt, Essential Caravans have produced one of the best and most practical designed family layout caravans on the market. All caravans in the family range are stylish, affordable and packed full of family friendly features, offering the perfect escape for you and your family. Essential Family Vans are available with separate shower and toilet, aircon, washing machine and ovens. Family holidays will never be more rewarding than travelling together in an Essential Family Caravan. Available in Cruiser, C-Class, Outlander and Highlander models (same layouts for all).

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Essential Caravan Family


The Essential Outlander Series is the semi off-road caravan you have always wanted. Experience tells us that not all caravan travellers want to stay exclusively on the ‘bitumen’, some want the ability to travel and explore down the odd dirt track or two. If this sounds like you then the Essential Outlander caravan is the one for you. Suitable for use on graded dirt and non-corrugated gravel roads the all new Essential Outlander Series is what we like to call our ‘Semi Off Road’ caravan. Inspect one today for your next adventure.

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Essential Caravan Family
Essential Caravan Family

Highlander Off-Road

Sitting on a legendary G&S Chassis and riding on the patented Control Rider Independent Twin Shock Suspension this van is purpose built for the rugged Aussie Outback. Featuring 300 watts of Solar, Grey Water, Piano Hinges, Big Tool Box with Jerry Cans and Generator Slide just to name a few of the standard inclusions. Think style, think luxury and expect genuine tougness, then think the all new fully designed Essential Highlander Off Road caravan for all your off road adventures.

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Essential C-Class


The ‘All New’ Essential C-Class range of caravans is designed to provide even further luxury on our already exciting range of industry leading caravans.

Taking luxurious caravanning to the next level the C-Class range is exclusively designed where the focus is on utilising maximum storage throughout, whilst creating a beautifully styled and appointed caravan.

The tasteful use of LED mood lighting throughout the caravan combined with the all new 2022 colour range all set the scene the moment you enter the Essential C-Class range.

The exteriors smooth lines and all new modern shape further enhance the overall experience.

The C-Class is available in Touring, Semi Off-Road and Full Off-Road variations.

Discover the timeless elegance of the Essential C-Class range of caravans for yourself today

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