We would like to share with you some of the Hints & tips we find so useful in the RV lifestyle.



  • 1.Tow hitch is correctly attached and safety pin in place.
  • 2.Safety chains attached and crossed over.
  • 3.Stabiliser legs wound into up position.
  • 4.Caravan handbrake off and wheel chocks removed.
  • 5.Inspect all external lights.
  • 6.All equipment securely stowed inside van and in the boot.
  • 7.Cupboard doors and drawers closed & latched properly.
  • 8.Pop top down & latches clamped up.
  • 9.Rollout awning correctly folded up and secured.
  • 10.Water, power and sullage disconnected & stowed away.
  • 11.All windows & roof hatches closed and locked.
  • 12.Window stone shields closed and secured.
  • 13.TV antenna folded down or removed.
  • 14.Walk around van and visually check everything one last time. Also check for equipment you may have left behind.
  • 15.Caravan door locked; access hatches closed properly.
  • 16.Check spare tyre as well as all tyres on van and wheel nuts.
  • 17.Make sure all internal 12 Volt lights, pumps are off while towing.
  • 18.Check gas bottles turned off.
  • 19.Electrical plug connected properly.
  • 20.Take the van on a short trip prior to any long journeys to iron out any problems.
  • 21.Before a long trip have your car and van serviced. It will give you peace of mind for safe travels.
  • 22.Re direct mail, papers, etc if travelling for long periods.
  • 23.Have a neighbour check on your house and surroundings regularly while away.
  • 24.Always test water (i.e. drink small amount) before filling your water tanks, it’s too late once your tank is full and you find the water is off.
  • 25.Do you have a spare wheel bearing kit?




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It is wise to stop after only 5 minutes of driving and walk around the van again. Its amazing how often you find something you missed by doing this and it will ensure a safe journey.


Make sure your next trip is a safe and successful one. Book your RV in for a service before you leave. Our qualified service team can ensure peace of mind when you hit the road.

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