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The moment you hook any of the Lotus Caravans to your vehicle, it's the moment a whole new world of touring possibilities opens up for you - opportunities limited only by your sense of wonder and adventure...

Whether you’re on a short country getaway or embarking on a grand adventure, the sense of easy freedom offered by a Lotus Caravan can rarely be equalled. For only a caravan enthusiast knows the joys of watching the sun set over an untouched landscape, as a big sky full of stars heralds a restful a sleep and then makes way for another day of new sights and home-like surrounds.

Off grid

The Off Grid is the ultimate choice for travellers who prefer a premium compact caravan with the same tried and true Lotus Caravans off-road capability.

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The ultimate in off-road touring, the Trooper takes caravanning to new levels of comfort and sophistication.

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The perfect combination of proven off-road capability and sheer luxury, the Freelander is jam-packed with absolutely everything you need to start living the Aussie dream.

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Rest assured, this innovative van will shape, and shake, the future of the luxury boutique off-road caravan industry.

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