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10 great gift ideas for caravanners

17/01/2019 7:43:00 PM

10 great gift ideas for caravanners

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There is always a reason to give gifts to the ones you love. The most difficult task in the world is to choose a gift for somebody else. Of course, the recipient would love every gift you give them but it is better to choose a gift they really want. If you are going to gift a caravanner, we can give you a helping hand. A caravanner probably has a list of essential items they need for their next trip. If you are stuck for any gift ideas, simply check out our recommendations.


#1. Unbreakable dishes and plates

Plastic tableware

These items are available in supermarkets and well loved for being not only environment friendly but also safe and convenient for holidays and picnics. Now broken glasses are no longer a problem for caravanners.

#2. Portable induction cooker

A portable induction cooktop

Freshly cooked food for caravan trips often involves with cooking over an open fire and it may take some time. If the caravanner you are going to gift to does not have a portable kitchen in their caravan, they will be happy to receive a portable induction cooker from you. It may definitely save much of their time on cooking. Find electrical supply points in the caravan (most caravan parks have them) and hook up to one of them.

#3. Package of caravan essentials

A set of caravan first aid kits

Show your loved ones you really care for them, consider care items such as: first-aid kit, sunblock, insect repellent, sunscreen, baby wipes and hand sanitiser.

#4. Subscription of their favourite magazines

A woman is reading a magazine

A magazine may help to kill the time on the way to the destination. The best thing about the subscription gift is that it can be enjoyed throughout the year.

#5. A powered torch or lantern

A powered lantern

One of the most common utility tool is a flashlight so getting your loved one a powered torch or lantern will be a useful gift for them. Modern light equipment in the market is designed to last a lifetime and even kid-friendly. They will thank you much that the gift you give provides so much fun for the kid to play spotlight after dark.

#7. Folding chairs

A folding chair for caravans

Chatting with friends by your caravan is one of the “must-do” activities in family holiday. So how about buying a folding chair to your loved ones? There are double folding chairs available in the market and a camping couch would be perfect as a gift.

#8. A portable BBQ

A portable bbq

Your holiday is not the same without a bit of outdoor festivity. A perfect gift all year-round. Whether your gift recipient goes caravanning, on picnics or to the beach, everyone loves A barbeque when enjoying the great outdoors.

#9. Car boot organiser

A caravan car boot organiser

Road trips and caravan holidays usually involve luggage and plenty of disorganization, no matter how great the initial packing is. For disorganised people, we recommend a car boot organiser. It is a storage container that are separated into many collapsible units. You can put your stuff there and make sure everything is in its place.

#10. Bug swatters

A bug swatter

People cannot stand bugs and it is one of downside to their great outdoor trips. Get your friends a fly swatter, or an electric one as a gift to combat with annoying bugs.

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