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5 tips to have good sleep during travelling

6/03/2019 6:19:00 PM

5 tips to have good sleep during travelling

Travelling, of course, is a good way to release stress but often we have to compromise our sleep at the end of the day. Sleeping is one of the most crucial things to experiences you have when starting your caravan trip. Sleeping helps to regain your energy and mood. If you do not have enough sleep, you will surely end up fatigued and grumpy during your trip. It is a matter of fact that some people experience difficulties sleeping away from their beds. In this article, Alan Graham’s has gathered 5 tips for you when attempting to have better sleep while travelling.


#1. Select a quiet location


When you are out caravanning, you have to stop at public parks/designated camping sites to spend the night. If that location has many campers that leads to loads of chaos, noises and chatter, you surely cannot have a good sleep. So, do your research on a suitable location to park you caravan, somewhere quiet at night and able to give you beauty sleep. Parking near nature sites that have running water or green forests is recommended as natural rhythms such as the flow of running water or birds singing can invoke sleep.

Finally, choose your rest stop at plain grounds, not on slopes or rocky areas as those can hinder to your sleeping patterns.


#2. Follow your routine


Just because you are staying away from your home, it does not mean that you should turn your habits upside down. You are in a new place and your body will take time to adjust accordingly. That is why you might find yourself unable to sleep in first days of the trip. To avoid sitting up at all hours, keep your routine ongoing even on your trip. For example, if normally in your home, before getting to bed, you brush your teeth, enjoy a warm cup of milk or take a shower, then follow it while caravanning as well. These actions act as a useful reminder that your body needs to rest at that time.

If your routine before bed involves with watching television, laptops or listening to music, restrict the use of technology before bed from an hour to an hour and a half since the wave from those devices can hamper your sleep. Music is good for better sleep, but better choose music that is not too loud or distracting.


#3. Invest in comfortable bedding


Beds are available in caravans generally. To double the comfort for better sleep, you can invest in a quality mattress, good pillows and blankets. If you have them available at home and those help you sleep better, bring them to your caravan. If you are out caravanning in winter, bring blankets and in summer, you can open your windows or close them and turn on the air condition to cool yourself down to sleep.


#4. Comfort up


Comfort over fashion – Remember to bring comfy clothes – for example: pajamas, sweatpants, short sleeves, or hoodies, to make sure that your body is comfortable enough to keep your eyes shut quickly.

If you are used to sleeping without sounds or lights everywhere, you may find it hard to sleep during the trip. You can bring earplugs and eye masks. Earplugs help to restrict the noise while eye masks will prevent any annoying lights that bother your sleep. These items are commonly sold in convenience stores and are very affordable.


#5. Focus on what you drink and eat


Interestingly, what you drink and eat will greatly influence your ability to sleep well during the night. Sometimes when on the road, your diet can go downhill with convenience winning over healthiness.You should be careful before indulging in the wrong foods for extended periods, particularly alcohol and coffee, which can lead to a poor quality sleep. Overindulgence on junk food rather than fresh vegetables can influence mood and sleep.



You might find yourself setting out on the trip of a lifetime only to find yourself unable to get good rest in the evenings/ Alan Graham’s hopes that these 5 tips may help you get some rest and enjoy your trip as much as you can. Any tips that work the best for you and have not been in our list, let us know now.


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